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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by roubenthegreat, Jun 19, 2017.

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    What is your suggestion?
    I suggest that Titans and Gods can get access to /ptime. It helps many people with prison and it can help people with skyblock as well for building in the night or day (their preference)

    Why do we need this? or What made you post this suggestion?
    We need this because when it is dark out and you want to build. It can get a bit hard to see. If we have /ptime we can make the world bright and we can actually see what we're doing.

    What are the possible negative aspects of your suggestion?
    I don't see a negative aspect.

    What are the positive aspects of your suggestion?
    Building is one of the things people in skyblock NEED to do. this includes spawners and shops and such. people that can see can have an easier time to build.

    How can this suggestions be achieved on the server?
    This can be done by adding /ptime the same way it's on prison.
  2. Lord_DN

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    I like it, if it's integratable into askyblock I don't see any negative aspects about it.
  3. Whiist

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    Sure why not, Prison & Factions both have it for Elite/Hero

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