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Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by Whiist, Nov 12, 2017.

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    Refresh of old helper applications

    What has happened to my application?
    As you might of noticed (If you had put an application in for helper) it has gone if it was made before the 1st July 2020.

    Why has this happened?
    This was because it was quite apparent that there were a lot of applications that were just posted and left. A lot of people that had applications in either had gone inactive after Staff had checked or just weren't interested. Another reason might be that you have changed your username since you applied and have not updated your Application with your new name. Instead of filing through every single one, it's much easier for us to remove all that were posted before 1st July 2020, as that way we can then see who is still active IF and WHEN they re-apply.

    Do I have to re-apply, can't you just use my old application if I tell you I'm active?
    You have to make a new application. This was to make it much easier for us to get rid of old ones and hopefully help speed the process of going through any new ones and also gives you a chance to update any name changes or to improve on your application .

    Some things to remember when applying/After you applied.
    All we ask is a small paragraph that ISN'T plagiarised (You'd be surprised how many are, that still even include the other server they were from, we will find out), about why you'd be a great person to have on the helper team, what can you contribute? How long have you played the server for? Once posted Staff will see to it when they have time, it isn't required for us to see to it within 'x' amount of days, however we do try our best to accept as many as possible as well as checking if you are active in game and helping people. It's useless for us rushing applications to promote people who will never be active or helping people in game.

    servers that you can apply for helper on;

    Any other information can be found here;

    Edit: If you do make a helper application and change your name whilst you're waiting to have your application looked at, make sure you EDIT YOUR POST TO YOUR NEW NAME.

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